6 Ways to Earn Money Using Blog

6 Ways to Earn Money Using Blog
Hi, ladies and dudes! Do you have a blog? Do you like writing stories, song lyrics, news reports, opinion articles, or just a simple daily diary? Do you want to make money from your writing? If all the answer is yes, it means you are in the right article. This time I would like to share about how to make your blog a money generator machine.

To begin with, I would like to talk a little about blog and the benefits of using blog.

What are blog, blogger, and blogging?

In my own definition, blog is like a book, a media to express our imagination and our ideas in form of writing (combined with images and visual audio) and spread it to the World through the Internet. In short, you may say that blog is a media to share ideas for free and easily.

The one who uses blog to write something is known and acknowledged as a bloger/ blogger. They are categorized into several kinds such as travel blogger, sport blogger, personal blogger, techno geeks, and there are another thousand kinds of blogger. You may decide which one you want to be. One thing you must remember before you decide to become a blogger is that, every blogger –who are acknowledged as a blogger- should be original. So, when you have a blog but the content in your blog is not your own, or not originally made by you (different case if you use freelance writer service), you don’t deserve to be called as ‘blogger’. Yeah, I think it is just my personal perception about what is blogger, but I hope you can agree with it.

The activity of making content for blog is called blogging. This is why I said that a blogger should be original. Every blogger should pass through this step, which is making their own content for their own blog. How can you know that someone is a teacher if he/she never teaches? Just like that question, how can you know that someone is a blogger if he/she never does blogging? Can you agree with it?

What are the benefits of blogging?

If you ever worked in a publisher company, you do know how expensive a production of a book is, don’t you? If you have a dream to become a writer, a well-known one, but you are still confused with the procedure, you may start from making a blog because blog is a free tool, which can be used to share your writing to your readers for free and easily. There are many writers out there become famous from their blog. Out of million writers, one of them who might be known by all of us is Raditya Dika, the writer of Cinta Brontosaurus and Kambing Jantan who is also an Indonesian blogger. If I shorten all of my explanations, the benefits of blogging are:
  • Free, obviously.
  • Unlimited, the only limitation is your creativity.
  • Worldwide, you can share to every single person in the World connected to the Internet.
So, would you like to start blogging from now on? If your answer is yes, let us go to our main course for today's article. If you want to get money from your blog, you may do one of these tips (or all of them if possible).

1. Selling Your Skills/ Services

You can use your blog to sell your skills and services. Many bloggers do it and they do it well. For instance, if you have a well understanding about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) you can try to be an Online Consultant for other bloggers who want to improve their blog’s SEO score. However, you must remember that this tip is not an automatic way to earn money. Once you get client, you have to be professional.

2. Paid Review Article/ Paid per Post

This tip can be one of alternatives that you can try. There are companies who want to increase the impression to their product through the testimony or review from publishers. So, what you need to do is to give a positive review to the product the advertiser requested and publish it on your blog so that your blog readers can read it and hopefully will be interested in to try or to buy the product you reviewed. Sometimes the advertisers have provided the text, so what you need to do is only published it. Interesting isn’t it?

3. Selling Products

Have you ever heard about ‘online shop’? Yes, you can transform your blog into a simple online shop. So, if you have products -such as clothes, templates or themes, games or software to sell, you can make an article about it and then promote it. This tip is also not an automatic way to earn money from your blog, but it is an effective way to earn money from your blog. If you want to try this tip but do not have any product to sell, you can begin with becoming a reseller of other person's product. Many producers give chances for publisher and any other people who want to get extra money by becoming their reseller. Let me recommend this tip by saying, “It is not wrong to begin from the very bottom,”

4. Putting Third-parties Ads

You cannot be a blogger without knowing about Google AdSense. You know about it, don’t you? Nowadays, there are many blogs and websites earning money from third-party ads. Third-party ads are an advertisement placed by another person or company. There are several aspects you need before you try this tip. Usually the advertiser will consider about the content of your blog and the traffic flow of your blog. If these two aspects are considered positive for the advertiser, you might try this tip. If you want to know more about what third-party ads is, you can simply see the advertisement on the above, the bottom and the side of this blog. There are advertisements from Google AdSense, which is the most popular ads provider this age. Yes, luckily I have been accepted by Google AdSense. Of course, many other ad providers like Google AdSense you can try. You just need to improve the quality of your blog and the content first.

5. Renting Ad Slot

Providing space for advertiser (it might be individual or company) might be a good way to start earning money. Just like third-party ads, the ad will be put in your blog and you charge the advertiser for this. The different is that the advertisers directly pay the cost to you as the publisher and you decide the price. This one is interesting because you just need put the banner or the advertisement and you got the money. However, again, you had to have a good quality of traffic to your blog because advertisers will consider it.

6. Facebook Instant Articles

This is a new-brand and interesting way to earn money from your blog. Why do I say that it is interesting? Because what we need to do is only updating our blog frequently. The only thing you need is a Facebook Fanspage. The articles you published in your blog will be converted into instant articles on your Facebook Fanspage. Then, if your instant articles got many readers, you will earn money from Facebook. For more detail information about this, perhaps I will explain it on another post of mine. If you want to know about it right now on, you may look for it in the Internet.

Those are the tips I can give to generate money from your blog. If there is invalid information or questions, you may deliver it thru the comment box below. I hope you like it and see you on my next writing. 

Success is not for man with lucky, but man with hard work. - Mazdesu

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